About Dann Spohn

about dann spohn
At the Clubhouse in Tempe circa 2008

Let me tell you about myself, I’m Dann Spohn and this is my blog all about musical instruments, recording gear, and anything else having to do with band stuff that isn’t my band. I have a lot of hobbies to talk about these days. It should be apparent that I like to research, upgrade, play, and tinker with music gear.

I got my first bass guitar February 14th, 1995. It was an awful Hondo P-Bass clone that had this half sparkly red, half sparkly silver paint job. My mom bought it for me after months of begging. Initially I wanted a guitar by my besty, who I still play music with, and I decided he could play guitar because he was the short one and I could play bass because I was the tall one. Knowing what I know now I would have put him on a ukulele or mandolin or something!

About Dann SpohnI have a wife and a dog and three cats, so pretty normal dude with a significant pet problem…I’m pretty fortunate that my wife is cool with all my problems. We live in the desert heat of Phoenix, Arizona so yeah, “but it’s a dry heat!”

(We have since remodeled our kitchen a bit so no more avocado counter tops.)

Where does the name come from?

Back in 2006 or so, my buddy Matt and I would go to lunch together most days. He worked in an office outside of my cubical so every day we would email each other with some silly subject line like, “We goin’ back to that sandwich place again…”

At some point I sent, “Do you like food,” in the subject and, “…cuz I like food.” in the body and that was the whole message. I think I did that one or variations fairly often. In 2008 I started a blog titled, “Do you like food?” Fortunately for everyone, a mySQL database update took down my whole site because I was too lazy to run backups before making updates, so that’s that. Well, not quite that. I’ll will be relaunching that site to talk about all my favorite food and cooking stuff.

Anyways, I’m pretty lazy so I’m just calling all my sites, “Do you like….[insert some stuff I want to blog about]?”

My Band Stuff

I play bass guitar in my band Morticulture. Being the dude with the computer background, IĀ engineer a majority of our recordings and co-produce anything we put out. I have also been known to provide some ghetto mastering when in a pinch…or when we’re feeling cheap, which going forward will be most of our releases. There is nothing like the sting of storing hundreds of unsold CDs to tighten your wallet hole. šŸ˜€

Do you like Tech?

I write about home automation, computers, software, hardware, Apple stuff, Android stuff, and general technology on my blog/YouTube channel Do You Like Tech? Site is still a work in progress.

Do you like Food?

I write about food, recipes, restaurants, and kitchen tools on my blog/YouTube channel Do You Like Food? Site is still a work in progress.

Contact me

Feel free to Link me inĀ or shoot me an email atĀ dann@doyoulikegear.com