Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board

Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board M128 Demo & Review

Outlaw Effects Nomad Pedal Board
OG Pedal Board

My set up for the past few years has been a custom made board my band mate and I put together and the Outlaw Kerosene for power. The pedal board is a flat board cut to about 19″ x 16″ with an attached handle and an added a bit of wood to one of the end to add a bit of tilt to it. It has worked out pretty well but pedal organization and wire management are really difficult without holes to tuck them into. I’ll still keep it around for messing around with pedal configurations at home, but the Nomad will be my board on the road!

I was looking for a pedal board that wasn’t dorky like some of the plasticky SKB and Boss boards of yesteryear. Those types of boards are what influenced me to make my own pedal board in the first place…I’m no Eddie Van Halen here. I liked the design of the Pedaltrain, Voodoo Labs, and Gator boards so when I discovered the Outlaw Effects pedal board I thought the form factor and footprint were perfect.

Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board Setup

It took me a couple hours to get my board set up and tweaked the way I wanted it. Outlaw has included all of the velcro and cable ties you’ll need for your project. I would recommend drawing out your pedal design before you ever try setting it up, which will help you get signal flow and spacing right.

To keep it simple I’m going to bullet point my pros and cons of the Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board.

Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board Pros:

  • The onboard battery is genius! All other pedal boards have been rendered obsolete. Serious game changer for anyone who plays on a stage.
  • Power button to make sure you’re not using your battery when you do not intend to!
  • 4 Power indicator lights to let you know when it’s running out of juice.
  • Noticeably less noise fed into my amp when unplugged and using battery power.
  • For me the footprint of the medium is perfect. Great pedal design!Outlaw Effects Nomad Pedal Board
  • Compact, convenient, well built, light weight aluminum board.
  • High quality gig bag with a pouch for your charger, extra cables, etc. It also has tie down straps so your pedals aren’t bouncing around in there.
  • Great price, about the same as competitors’ unpowered boards!

Outlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board Cons

It may look like a lot of cons, but none of these are deal breakers. Consider them feedback for a version 2. 

  • I ran out of 9V power outputs so I have my POG hooked up to 12V, but I’m not sure how this will play out. Someone email me and let me know if I’m going to electrocute my POG or something. 😂
  • I don’t really understand 600mA vs 2000mA power outputs. I just hooked up all my pedals and think most other people will do the same. There is probably a better way to do it if I knew the specs of all my pedals, however I’m not sure any of my pedals are drawing that much power.
  • The 12V AC adapter isn’t ideal. I would have preferred if the charging cable was something like a standard computer cable with the power supply stored in the pedal board. Many people may confuse this AC adaptor with their standard 9V pedal adapters and I’m just not sure what would happen if you under power it.
  • All of the power connector cables should be right angle to right angle, because no one wants straight connectors at all…at least I don’t want them and cannot think of a use for them. The Outlaw Kerosene I own has the same problem.
  • Provide cables in different lengths, because we don’t need all the cables to be super long.
  • They should pre-install the velcro. There is a chance that you mess it up and the board has some foam rubber on it that will get messed up if you have to redo it.
  • They should make a larger board for all you Eddie Van Halens out there…I don’t know how this will effect the power logistics but add more batteries and outputs! Small should have 1x power, medium 2x, large 3x.
  • The middle gap should be slightly wider so that a cable jack will fit through.

Outlaw Effects Nomad Pedal BoardOutlaw Effects Nomad Rechargeable Pedal Board Features:

  • Integrated lithium-ion 12800 mAh battery (Up to 10+ hours of playing time with fast 3-hour charge time)
  • Up to 10+ hours of playing time with fast 3-hour charge time
  • Power Outputs:
    • 7 x 9V DC
    • 2 x 12V DC
    • 1 switchable 18V/24V DC
  • Over 4000mA of quiet, reliable power
  • Includes:Cables:
      • 8 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm
      • 2 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity
      • 1 x 2.5mm-to 2.1mm
      • 1 x 2.5mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity
    • Hook & loop adhesive pedal mounting tape
    • Rugged, road-ready padded gig bag with shoulder strap
    • Cable ties

Available in 2 sizes:

  • NOMAD-S128: 19 ¼” x 5 ¼”
  • NOMAD M128: 19 ¼” x 11″

*Based on 5 pedals, each requiring 9V DC @ 100mA. Actual battery life depends on the number of pedals connected, and their voltage rating/current draw. Full charge cycle time: approx. 3 hours.

Outlaw Effects Nomad Pedal Board