G&L L-2000 Bass Guitar String Tree Installation

To Tree or Not to Tree…That is the Question

Bass Guitar String Tree InstallationOf course you need a tree. On flat style headstocks, think Fender, the string tree replicates the angle you get on a angled headstock like you see on Gibson guitars. Some people call these things string trees, string retainers, or string guides.

Whatever you decide to call them, here’s a video to help you figure out how to install them.

Here is what you’ll need for a bass guitar string tree installation:

Bass Guitar String Tree Installation Steps:

  1. Loosen the strings that will be retained by the string tree. They should be taught but loose enough that you can push the tree down to the headstock and line up a hole.
  2. Determine where the string tree needs to be installed so that the strings that are retained have an angle similar to the other strings.
  3. Figure out how deep the screw will go into the headstock and add a piece of tape to the drill bit to so you don’t drill deeper than the tape is marked.
  4. Drill your pilot hole.
  5. Screw in the string tree.

And that is bass guitar string tree installation!