My New Spectraflex & Fatsoflex Cables

I started buying Spectraflex cables at The Bass Place in the early 2000’s. They were my first dive into high quality cables. At some point I started messing around with other expensive cables like Monster, but found myself coming back to the braided love of Spectraflex. What really sold me on these cables is the time that I had to send 3 sets back for repair. These were cables that weren’t abused, but my band mates and I had them for 15+ years. To my surprise the CEO of Spectraflex responded to my email and replaced them absolutely free. I did have to pay shipping to them, but they shipped the new ones back to me.

Recently I got tire of running 20 feet of cable to my pedal board and another 20 from my pedal board, meanwhile our practice space is pretty small so I’m only standing a few feet away from my amp. I tried out some 10 foot Kirlin cables and they worked out perfectly so now I’m upgrading to 10 foot Spectraflexx.

Anyways, I don’t have too much to say about them other than they are top notch cables and a top notch company. They did pass along a flyer with my order with some coupon codes:

10oct19 for 10% off $30+ or
20oct19 for 20% off $60+
Good at

And if those discount codes have expired, check out their Twitter feed for new discounts.

Unboxing My New Spectraflex Cables