Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Gimme those Way Huge Saucy Box dirty notes…

Way Huge Saucy BoxFrom the dirty, driven minds over at Way Huge come another dirty, overdriven pedal they’re calling the Way Huge Saucy Box. I’m not sure what its means but it just sounds DIRTY! So whenever it came up on sale for $69 bucks during a Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day, it felt like the pervert moons aligned and the innuendo gods spoke to me. They said, “Dann, you must buy this nastily named pedal and show people what it sounds like…show the people your Way Huge Saucy Box!!!”

So that’s basically how that went down! And now I’m going to do all that stuff and try not to get too gross and embarrass myself.

What kind of knobs come on the Way Huge Saucy Box?

All of them! Well if all of them means Volume, Tone and Drive, then you definitely get them all. Other than that it’s got a standard on off switch that will poke a hole in your foot if you try to barefoot this thing and a plastic battery compartment with easy access to slip in a 9 volt for those times you don’t feel like wrapping it up and bringing your DC power supply with you.

Way Huge Saucy Box Unboxing

Way Huge Saucy Box on Guitar

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The Box on Bass

Check back for a future video! And please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


I haven’t gotten a chance to complete my full review of this pedal so come back to soon and I will be demo’ing the Way Huge Saucy Box in two separate videos for guitar and bass so you can hear how it sounds based on your instrument.